How Do You Automate Power BI & Fabric REST APIs?

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If you have read my post, How to Automate Power BI Work, Power BI REST API, you already know how to use REST APIs, and there are new Fabric REST APIs. But you probably wonder if you can automate the code, too. For example, if you want somebody else to create workspaces who may not even have the rights to do that.

There are solutions for that, and I want to share one of them here. The answer is Power Automate Flows.

The Use Case

Before going into technical details, I would like to present a use case. Imagine you have colleagues that sometimes need a workspace, and sometimes it should be a Premium/Fabric workspace. The issue is that you have strict tenant governance, and not everyone can create one. How could you do that? Of course, you can use your PowerShell scripts, and every time someone requests a workspace, you run them. But maybe there is a better way? Yes, you can create a Microsoft Form that a colleague will fill out with needed information. After that, Power Automate Flow will run the scripts automatically and even write a confirmation email.

The Form

Form’s creation is intuitive, so I will show you how colleagues will see it: