The Importance of Learning

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You’re hugely mistaken if you think learning is finished after getting a data analyst job. This is the job where you need to learn new things all the time. Tools and everything related to IT are evolving all the time. You need to keep up with new things all the time. This is why learning is so important.

If you do not study new stuff, you can feel stuck in your work at some point in time. You can feel that you’re not improving. How to fix it? Start learning.

"Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it."

- Albert Einstein

I’m learning all the time. I watch YouTube videos on data subjects, and sometimes I read books or attend summits and conferences. Some of them are for free, others not. If you want to be a good specialist and not get stuck or bored at work, you need to invest time or money but usually, both.

Learning is a fun activity; okay, maybe not fun, but definitely exciting. We want to do many things and know that it is helpful or good for us, but we are not doing them, for example, sleeping at least 7-8 h every day. The same is with learning. You know that you’ll learn some skills that you will use in the future, but when the time comes to learn, you’re lazy. Sounds familiar? 


I think motivation is very important. So, the main thing you can do is write down why you want to do this. And it should be the real why. How to find it, ask “why?” seven times. Why seven? Usually, this is when your true why is revealed. What should it look like? For example, why do you want to learn SQL?

  • Maybe you want to learn SQL to get a better job.
  • Why do you want a better job? Is it because you want to earn more money? Or maybe you will feel better than now, be a better specialist?
  • Again, why do you want more money or be better at your job? Is it because you live poorly, or would you like to provide for your family?
  • etc.

When it becomes hard to learn, remember your why, which will motivate you not to give up.


I would definitely suggest scheduling your learning time. This should help with procrastination and telling yourself, “I will learn later today”, and never doing it.

  • Think very good what is the best learning time for you? Are you a more early bird or an owl?
  • How much time can you allocate?
  • What is better for you, to learn 5 hours in one day or 1 hour every day? Maybe the best scenario for you is to allocate 15 minutes every day.

Choose the best option for you, and remember, if it’s not working, change your method.

The same can help you decide which course to buy or enrol for free. If you know that you’ll have deadlines for assignments at the end of the week and you’ll have to spend a few hours every day, do you have that much time? If not, this course isn’t for you.

Be open with yourself, and don’t overestimate your capabilities. Usually, it will take more time when you think, not less.

What is the new thing are you learning right now? Do you schedule time for it? If you have more tips, please share them in the comments below with everyone.

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