Where to Start with Power BI?

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Where to start learning Power BI

Why should I use Power BI?

Visualisation is the best way to show your findings, present your analysis and show anything about the data because visual data representation is easiest to understand for the broadest audience. And the most popular tool for visualising data (I will dear say) is Power BI.

gartner magic quadrant for analytics and business intelligence platforms
2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Where to start?

The first step should be obvious: download Power BI to your computer. Then I would look for interesting data that you would like to analyse. Why? It’s easier to make insights when the topic is interesting. So, where to find that interesting data?

If you don’t have any experience with databases, I suggest searching for data in excel. For example, I like watching TV series, and on Kaggle, I could find this: https://www.kaggle.com/ shivamb/netflix-shows. So, you have data; the second obvious step would be importing it to Power BI. But even before starting working with Power BI, I suggest looking at your data and thinking questions about it. What would be interesting to know? For example, using Netflix data, one could be interested to know the top 5 most popular movies and TV shows on Netflix. Think of as many questions as possible. It will help you to have a complete picture of your data.

Okay, now we can start with Power BI. How? You can tackle a Power BI course or use the free option – YouTube. It’s full of helpful content like Dashboard in a Day. Just type “power bi”, and you’ll find everything you need.

If you need more details on what to do with your data, I have created a guide with the steps you need to take to do the analysis. Go to my IG profile and go through “Data Analysis Challenge”. Disclosure, there you will find more info., not only related to Power BI.

Moreover, you can see my few YouTube videos related to this topic:

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